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SPANISH: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "Spanish"


A common sigh for "Spanish" uses "X" hands.  Start the dominant hand at the shoulder. Hold non-dominant hand at the neutral location in front of your torso.
Bring the dominant hand down to the non-dominant hand and touch the index fingers (still in X handshapes).  You can interlock the index finger "hooks" or just bring bottom side of the index finger of the the dominant X into contact with upper side of the non-dominant X-hand index finger.


Note: You may see the above sign used to mean "Spain."  However there is a common sign for "Spain."  See below.


A common sign for "Spain" is done using a closed X hand (that is an X hand in which the index finger wraps over the thumb.
You might sometimes see some people use the sign SPAIN to refer to the language of Spanish and you might see some people using the sign SPANISH to refer to the country of Spain. 




There are other versions of the signs for Spanish and Spain.

Spain / Spanish





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