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American Sign Language: "sore throat"

The sign for "sore throat" has a couple of widely used variations.


A very simple way to convey the concept of a "sore throat" is to do the sign "pain" near your throat.

Some people use this version to mean "pain in the neck."

SORE-THROAT / "neck hurts"


Also see: PAIN

Another common method if signing "sore throat" is to use a loose "G" hand. Move the "G" hand down your throat twice while looking pained.

SORE-THROAT (version)



You might see someone use a sign for "sore" that looks a lot like they are doing a mutated version of the sign for YEAR where the "S" hands are rotated around each other twice (while kept in close contact). That is a legitimate sign for "sore" and you could sign it that way and then point at your throat -- but I think the ways above are easier and more efficient and thus are "better" choices to use for "sore throat."

SORE (variation)

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