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SAUSAGE: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "sausage / hot dog"

The sign for "hotdog" is made by forming both hands into the letter "C." While moving your hands out to the side, change the handshapes to the letter "S" back to a "C" and to an "S" again.


Memory aid: Think of making an old-fashioned string of sausages.

Note: The sign, HOTDOG can also be interpreted as sausage and/or bologna. The exact meaning depends on context.  If someone is fixing breakfast and asks if you want "hotdog" obviously he/she is asking you if you want sausage.

HOTDOG / sausage / bologna:



If you wanted to specify a POLISH SAUSAGE you could fingerspell POLISH then sign sausage/HOTDOG.

The sign HOTDOG defaults to meaning "sausage" when it follows the sign POLISH.

Sample sentence: Do you want pancakes and sausage for tomorrow's breakfast?











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