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American Sign Language: "president"

In the Deaf world, this sign is often used to mean "superintendent" of a Deaf school.
Think of the hats worn by leaders during the colonial times.



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In a message dated 11/30/2006 10:49:13 AM Pacific Standard Time, cydrina@ writes:
I was asked to interpret in a union meeting for 2 Deaf ladies, something that is totally out of my field as I am used to interpret in my church. I did a lot of fingerspelling, and thank the 2 Deaf ladies for returning the signs for words I didn't know, words like super-annuation and trusteeship. Is VP commonly used for vice president? Or is that more for Video-Phone? The first time I signed vice president, I spelled VICE and signed president, but after that, I signed VP and they understood me.
Hi Cydrina,
I sign "vice president" by touching the index finger of the "V" hand to the side of my forehead and then moving it to the side a couple inches and signing "P."
I use the fingerspelled letters "V-P" to mean video phone.

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