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American Sign Language: "peach"

PEACH:  (Version)
This version reminds me of feeling the peach fuzz on my face when I was a young man. 
Now that peach fuzz is on the top of my head...but the sign is still done on the cheek.
Start with the fingers spread a bit.  Touch the tips of the fingers to your cheek and then draw the tips of the fingers together on the cheek and move the hand and fingertips a very small bit away from the cheek, and then repeat the movement.  The movement is all very light and quick. Some people don't touch the cheek at all while doing this sign, they just do the sign near the cheek.  Note: This sign looks a lot like the sign for experience, but I do the sign "experience" with more of a downward drag of the hand and fingers.


Animation PEACH (version)

PEACH (version)
This version is sort of like breaking a peach and folding it open.  (Not that I've ever broken a peach mind you...I just take a bite.)

Animation:  PEACH (version)


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