American Sign Language:
"patronize" / "frequent an establishment"
(be a customer of) (be a patron of)

It seems like most young people these days don't know the full definition of "patronize."
They seem to know only the negative definition of the word: To act kind or nice to someone but inwardly feel smug or superior about it.

That definition is NOT what this sign is about. This sign doesn't mean that.

The ASL sign "PATRONIZE" is not negative at all. Rather, it means to give someone
(a store, theater, restaurant, or other establishment) your business.  If I patronize a restaurant it means I go there frequently. It means that they are one of my "preferred places to go to.

In the sign for "patronize" the tips of the fingers of the dominant hand "B-handshape" touch the side of the base-hand index finger twice.



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