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American Sign Language: "obey" (Also means "inform")

A student writes:
I wanted to ask you if there's any difference between the signs for OBEY and INFORM. I've sometimes seen INFORM done one-handed, but the two-handed versions of those signs look identical to me. Is there a nuance that I'm missing?
Thanks for all you help. Best regards,
~ KG

Hello KG,

OBEY and INFORM do each have a version that overlap.
(That's my way of saying, yah, they look the same but there are versions of OBEY and INFORM that do not look the same).
For the "Look the same versions see:
That is "OBEY" (Specifically that version means "obey God and/or a higher power).
And here is INFORM:
Both of those have one handed versions:
Here is a one handed version of OBEY-God:

INFORM can be directed toward yourself (the signer) to mean "let me know."
OBEY can also be signed as FOLLOW.  As in: YOU SHOULD FOLLOW LAW.
Take care,
- Dr. Bill




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