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American Sign Language: "mad"

The sign for "mad" (as in the opposite of happy) uses a single motion. If you use a double motion and a slightly less intense face it can mean, "grouchy" or "grumpy."  Don't actually touch your face while doing this sign.  (That might be painful, and then you'd be really "mad" at me.)


Memory aid: Think of the way a person's face gets all scrunched up when he or she is mad.

Sample sentence:  "Why are you mad?" =  "YOU MAD what-FOR?"


STUDENT:  Is the sign "MAD" considered to be generally less intense than the sign for "Angry"?

Dr. Bill:  I think of mad as being less intense than "angry," yes.  But, I it depends on the usage (body language and facial expression).  A person can sign the word "MAD" with very strong facial expression and it can actually be more intense than a typical version of ANGRY.  But I think if you were to work at it, ANGRY could adopt a more intense facial expression and body posture than "MAD."

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