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Dr. Vicars,
My name is Kris _______, I am a Behavioral Therapist at the Rochester Center for Autism.  At the Center we provide the children with Music Therapy, in which, we would like to incorporate more signs into.  I was wondering if there is a more complete list of music based signs out there on the web/in a book.  The specific signs I am looking for are
Thank you so much for your help! 
Thanks again!
Kris _______
Lead Behavior Therapist
Rochester Center for Autism
Rochester, Minnesota
There is no specific sign for "instrument."
With a little bit of thought, most people might realize why the Deaf don't have an established sign for "musical instrument."  Heh.
If musical instruments were an important part of our culture then certainly we would have a widely established sign for it. But alas, there is no common sign for "musical instrument."
Four main approaches:
1.  Fingerspell I-N-S-T-R-U-M-E-N-T
2.  sign:  MUSIC + THINGS
3.  sign:  VIOLIN, PIANO, DRUM, SO-FORTH (etc.)
4.  Make up some funky initialized sign like doing THING with an "i" handshape.  (Not recommended.)

The sign for most musical instruments is to do a small mime of that instrument. 
Dr. Bill

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