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ASL: "holiday"

"Holiday" is one of those concepts that have more than one signed version.

The two main approaches to "holiday" are:
1. Use the "vacation sign." See:
2. Use the "Hollywood sign." See:
Since you may see either version used in the Deaf Community you need to consider:
1. The context (the overall concept of what is being discussed)
2. The mouth movement (if used). Some Deaf mouth certain words / others don't. If you are signing with someone who does then make sure to pick up on any mouth morphemes or clues from the shape of the mouth -- if available.
I've noticed though that I tend to do vacation using a single movement when I'm talking about "time off" or SPRING "break."

For the sign "holiday" I use a double movement.
Poke your upper chest area twice with the thumb tips of your relaxed 5-hands.

HOLIDAY [vacation / time off / not working / break]


See: Animation: "HOLIDAY"

The sign "VACATION" can be used to mean:
* Holiday
* "OFF" (work)
* Break (time off).
 If you initialize the sign VACATION with an "R" or do it with just the index and thumb, it can mean "retired"




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