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Dear Dr. Bill,
My name is Helen. I've been teaching myself sign language at home from your website for the benefit of my babies. Already my 15 month old daughter knows quite a few signs. :-)
 We are hearing people but the signs help my kids communicate before they can even speak.
So there are a few words that come up often but i didn't find the signs for them on your website. These words are SNACK and DESSERT. I was wondering if you could send me a description of how to sign these if there is a particular sign.
Thank you for helping us learn,
Sincerely ,


Dear Helen,

Hello :)
The sign for DESSERT holds two "D" hands in front of you. The hands are horizontal, the index fingers pointing forward. Start with the hands about 3 inches apart. Bring the "D's" together so and tap the bellies of the D's twice.

-- Dr. Bill

p.s. For "snack" see: SNACK

In a message dated 1/31/2014 10:57:22 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, Richard writes:

Hello Dr Bill,
I am in need of some clarification on two signs if you wouldn't mind helping. In reviewing "DESSERT" it seems to be two D hands coming together at the belly of the D. But, I have come across the phrase "TO DATE" and it seems to be that same description. I am confused by this and in context it may get a little weird.
Thank you for your help,
Richard Almager

Hello :)
DATE is upright, DESSERT is horizontal.
By that I mean, the index fingers of the "D" hands in the sign for DATE are pointing upward. Whereas the index fingers of the "D" hands in the sign DESERT are pointing (generally) forward.
- Dr. Bill


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