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DEGREE: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "degree"

If you mean "DEGREE" as in "diploma / an academic title conferred by universities and colleges" (bachelor's or master's degree) see: DEGREE-EDUCATIONAL


"DEGREE" has several different meanings depending on the context used.


If you want to use "DEGREE" as in "temperature scale" (Celsius, Fahrenheit) you can sign TEMPERATURE:


There is another version of "TEMPERATURE" in which both hands use the "1" handshape or the index finger:


If you want to use "DEGREE" as in "temperature scale" you can also use the sign DEGREES:




The sign for Fahrenheit has two variations.


Fahrenheit (shaking "F" version / FURNITURE):


Fahrenheit (small circle "F" version):


Example: 106 degrees

If you want to use "DEGREE" as in "level" (high 'degree' of mastery) or "extent" (to a 'degree') can use the sign "LEVEL":

If you want to use "DEGREE" as in "classification of crimes" (murder in the first 'degree'), "45 degrees" (geometry), or "scale degrees" (music) can fingerspell 'degree'


Example: First degree murder charge

If you want to use "DEGREE" as in "comparative and superlative degrees" (referring to grammar-specifically 'degrees of comparison of adverbs') can use GROUP:





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