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American Sign Language: "cold"

The sign for "cold" means "cold temperature."  It doesn't mean "to have a head-cold" or to be sick. Use your arms to represent shivering.


Sample sentence: "Do you like cold weather?"

To sign "very cold" use more facial expression, hunch your shoulders more, and move the "shivering of your arms" faster and tighter.



Many people use the sign "COLD" to mean winter. This works well in context but if there isn't much context I prefer to initialize the sign "winter" by using a "W" as the handshape.

You could sign refrigerator by initializing this sign, but  I recommend you just spell "REF."

Here is a sign for refrigerator that initializes the sign COLD with "R" handshapes to mean refrigerator:

Remember, I recommend you just spell, R-E-F. Some people feel that the initialized form of the sign "refrigerator" is signed English.  I disagree, but do the sign the way your local instructor wants it just to be safe eh?


You could also initialize the sign for "DOOR" to mean refrigerator.


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