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American Sign Language: "close"

The concept of "close" can be expressed a number of different ways in ASL depending on your meaning.

CLOSE as in "near by."



CLOSE as in "close the cupboard."


Also see "open"


If you mean close as in "not far" you can use either the sign "near" or you can also use the sign "not-FAR."
Form your right hand into an "F" handshape.  Touch the tip of your index and thumb fingers to the tip of your nose.  Pull your hand out away from your face then sharply downward.


not-FAR / CLOSE-by / NEAR-by / "just a short ways away"


For an animation of "not far," visit the "FAR" page and scroll down.


If you mean close as in "a small amount of difference" visit the "SMALL" page and check out the "small amount version."

CLOSE as in "By a hair!"  "Whew boy, that was a close one!" "I almost..."

The motion is similar to quickly pulling out a hair then moving the hand downward a few inches. This sign is done very quickly.  The movement path is somewhat of a rounded seven. 


If you mean close as in near, see: NEAR

If you mean close as in "small amount of difference" visit the "SMALL" page.

If you mean close as in "not far" see the "FAR" page and scroll down to "not far."

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