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American Sign Language: "careless"

The sign for "careless" is done by using "V" handshapes and a "careless" facial expression.

Hold the hands up in front of you, fairly high, up near your face.  Slap both hands inward and down twice.

CARELESS:  "careless in manner" / carelessly

CARELESS animation:


There is another way to do this sign.
You can slap the hands inward and down once and bring them back up near the starting point.

CARELESS (incident) (a careless act)

The ending position isn't quite so high up as in my graphic, but you get the point.

This second version is used to refer to a specific incidence of carelessness. A rather common usage of this sign is to refer (in context) to a boy and girl who engage in unprotected sex and the girl ends up pregnant.

Also see "careful"

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