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BOIL: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "boil"

The ASL sign for BOIL is produced by the non-dominant hand in "open-B" handshape with the palm facing down in front of the body. While the dominant hand is underneath the non-dominant hand with the fingers wiggling except the thumb.


Memory aid: Think of your dominant hand as the "flame" and your non-dominant as the "surface."




The sign for BOIL can also be used as an idiom to mean ANGRY / BURNING INSIDE / BURN INSIDE / BOIL INSIDE / FUMING EMOTIONALLY / BOILING MAD 




Another version of showing anger is "BLOW-TOP" meaning lose temper / anger boil over




If you want to describe the act of 'boiling water' and the water is simmering you could sign:




If you are referring to "BOIL" as in "blister" you could use a CL and fingerspell B-L-I-S-T-E-R or just fingerspell.



See: HOT




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