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American Sign Language:  "better"

The sign for "better" starts in front of the mouth (not actually touching) and comes out to the right a bit. (Assuming you are right handed). The shape changes from a flat hand into an "A" hand with a loose thumb.



"BETTER" and "BEST" are actually versions of "GOOD."  

Memory Aid:  An interesting way to think of "BETTER" is as a combination of "GOOD + ER," and "BEST" as a combination of "GOOD + EST."

GOOD:  (For more info, check out the "GOOD" page.)

The sign for BEST makes a much bigger movement, and moves up.   The more you exaggerate this sign, the more your are emphasizing how much better something is than the others thus it may dip down a bit for emphasis prior to moving "way up."


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