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American Sign Language: "basketball"

The sign for "basketball" is done with curved-3-hands. Some people do the "basketball" sign with "5" handshapes.  But the "3" handshape version is more popular amongst native Deaf adults.
Make two quick throwing movements.



Animation: BASKETBALL:

In a message dated 8/2/2009 10:49:29 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, tenaciouslady17 writes:
Dr. Bill-
I noticed that the sign for 'basketball' is somewhat similar to the sign for 'salad'. Do you have any pointers on how to distinguish the difference?
Think of the movement of salad as tossing it up in the air using a "digging inward and then flipping upward" movement. The handshapes for SALAD are loose "claw hands" (slightly curved five hands).
"Basketball" has a couple of variations, but one of the variations uses bent three hands.  The movement is a double upward flipping movement. Thus you could use the "three hand" flipping-up movement for basketball and the "five hand" scoop/toss movement for salad.  Yes some people do the sign "basketball" using "5"-handshapes but I recommend you stick with the 3-handshapes.. 
Dr. Bill


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