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APPOINTMENT: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "appointment / reservation"


This sign circles (horizontally, counterclockwise) the right "A" hand above the stationary left "A" hand then brings it down on top of the left "A" hand.  (If you are left handed, switch the roles.)

Circle the dominant "A" hand over the base "A" hand.  Then bring the dominant hand down onto the base hand. Think of circling a date and locking it in. Note: Some people use this sign to mean "assignment."




Sample sentence: "Do you have a doctor's appointment?"  = DOCTOR APPOINTMENT, YOU HAVE?



Also see: DOCTOR for the initialized version of the sign for "doctor."



This version of "appointment" could be used as "reserve,"  "to make a reservation," or "I have a reservation."  Use a slight rotational movement of the upper hand and change it from a claw hand into a modified "A" hand (the thumb is slightly wrapped) or a full "S" hand.



Notes:  See: DATE






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