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apostrophe: How do you sign "apostrophe" in American Sign Language (ASL)?











If we are discussing something like the 1980's I'd go with a hand-twist-S to show the "apostrophe S."

How to sign:  O'Brien
I personally wouldn't use a twist to put an apostrophe on an "O." (Though someone did comment that they did that approach.)
My recommendation for a name such O'Brien one of these:

1. Slightly circle the O prior to doing the "Brien" part.
2. Ignore the apostrophe if it is not relevant (It is common to see Deaf Newscasters omitting apostrophes in names. Not always of course but often enough for it to not be uncommon).
3. If you really need to get that apostrophe (for typesetting in situations that will be on public display or have legal ramifications later) then show the apostrophe with the sign APOSTROPHE.



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