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American Sign Language: "angry"

The sign for "angry" is made by forming "claw" hands and placing your fingertips against your stomach.  Pull both hands forcefully up and outward. 


VERY IMPORTANT:  Use an angry facial expression.

Memory hint: "As if being so mad you could rip your guts out."

Sandy:  "Aren't the thumbs extended?"

Dr Bill:  Good point. I just signed this to myself and I noticed that I do use an "extended" thumb at the beginning of this sign. Then as I pull the sign up and slightly away from the body my fingers and thumbs flex a bit.  The fingers bend at the second and third knuckles but not at the first knuckle (large knuckles).  Funny, I also just noticed that I tend to bend my left thumb but not my right. I reckon that counts as a "speech impediment" of some kind. Time for therapy eh?


For more information see: Angry/Mad advanced discussion.

Also see: "MAD"


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