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Amazon: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "Amazon"

In regard to Amazon as in "Amazon (dot) com), there are several signs used in the Deaf community. 

For a long time one of the most common signs was to sign SMILE using an "A" handshape. 
Some working at Amazon condensed and quickened this sign by doing it slightly more to the side (of the mouth area) and doing more of a line and less of an arc).  Such reductions are common in how signs (or even spoken words) are articulated or pronounced.

Another method of signing Amazon that came into use was to sign a Z-path movement using and "A" handshape and then doing the THROW sign.

As of the 2020's decade and beyond we will probably continue to see various ways to sign Amazon for quite a while.

1. "A"-(smile movement)
2. "A"-(Z-movement)-THROW
3. "A"-THROW

My prediction?
The "A"-(Z-movement)-THROW sign will continue to spread and will compress to:

Why? Languages evolve toward simplicity of articulation.
The "Z" movement takes too long.
The THROW sign is one of two very common signs for "send."


If you want to sign Amazon to refer to the Amazon river, I recommend you just fingerspell it.
You could perhaps look up an indigenous sign for "Amazon river" online -- that would be great -- just remember that each time you use it with a new audience you will need to introduce and explain the sign.



From time to time you may see people become adamant and make a video declaring that they are showing you THE right sign for a concept.
For example suppose see a video of someone who used to work at Amazon many years ago declaring you should do the sign a certain way.
Think of that as being:  You now have a "vote" from a "former" employee as to how to do the sign.

Such opinions are worth considering, sure, but perhaps carry slightly less weight than the opinion of current Deaf employees at Amazon.



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