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Answers to first 100 signs practice test numbers 100-114:

101.  pizza
The sign for "__________" is made by forming the letter "P" with your right hand. Sketch the letter "Z" in the air with the "P" handshape.

102.   day
The sign for "__________" is made by holding your left arm out in front of you, bent at the elbow, hand pointing to the right. The left hand can be either "B," or a "D," palm up, or palm down, (Relax--this one is flexible.) Rest your right elbow on your left hand. Your right hand should point up, (it can also be either a "B," or a "D"). Move your right hand down and to the left until it comes to rest on your left forearm near the elbow. (The right elbow stays on the left hand.)

103.  work
The sign for "__________" is made by shaping both hands into fists, (the letter "S" or "A."), palms down, right hand above left. Tap the back (or thumb side) of your left hand a few times with your right hand in a downward striking motion.

104.   sister
The sign for "______" is made by first touching your cheek with the thumb of your right "A" hand. Next, bring both index fingers together in front of you, pointing forward, palms down. Note: Another way to sign "______" is to sign "female" then sign the word "right" by forming the right and left hands into index-finger handshapes, (or "G" handshapes). Hold the right hand above the left hand then bring the pinkie side of the right hand down onto the thumb side of the left hand, (the right "G" hand resting on top of the left "G" hand). Make sure to sign each part smoothly with no break in between. What is the sign?

105.   pig
Make the sign "_______" by making a right "flat hand" (looks like a "b" handshape but with the thumb alongside the fingers instead of bent across the palm). Place the right "flat hand" under your chin with the palm facing down and the fingertips pointing to your left.  Bend and unbend your hand several times from the large knuckles.  The fingers stay together while bending and unbending.
That is the sign.  There is also a "joke" sign for this concept: Make a right "V" handshape.  Bend  the index and middle fingers of your right "V" handshape at the second and third knuckles.  Then using the tips of the index and middle fingers, make one quick motion to poke two imaginary breathing holes in an imaginary snout on your face.

106.   dollars 
Make the sign for "__________" by extending your left hand, palm to the right or slightly back, fingertips pointing forward. Grab your left fingers between the palm and fingers of your right hand. Pull your right hand forward away from your left hand a few times. The right handshape is that of an "A," palm left (or it can be palm down). During the first part of the sign, the tips of the left fingers are tucked into the "A." When the right hand moves forward, it slides off of the left hand's fingers. The left hand stays stationary.

107.  empty, bare
The sign for "__________" is made by placing your left hand palm down, fingertips pointing forward. Put the tip of your right bent middle finger on the back of your left hand near your wrist. (The other fingers of the right hand are relatively straight and somewhat separated.) Slide your right middle fingertip forward a few inches along the back of the left hand (moving from near the wrist toward the knuckles.)

108.  who
The sign for "__________" is made by placing your right index finger in front of your lips, palm back. Draw a circle in the air around your lips a couple of times. Alternate Method: Place the thumb on the chin and "flutter" the right index finger in front of the lips.

109.  sorry
The sign for "__________" is made by forming either an "A" or an "S" with your right hand. Circle your hand over your heart using a few clockwise motions, (up, left, down, right..etc.) Note: Some people do this sign touching the chest, others hold it a little bit out from the chest.

110.  underwear
The sign for "__________" is made by using the index finger and thumb of each hand to trace the outline of your underwear. Your palms face backward. Your hand shape changes from an upside down "L" to an upside down closed "G."

111.   cereal
The sign for "________" is made by forming your right hand into the letter "x."  Place your right hand - palm down - at the right corner of your mouth.  While moving your hand to the left corner of your mouth, alternate between the letter "x" and your straight index finger a couple of times.

112.  night or evening
The sign for "__________" is made by holding your left arm horizontally, palm down and pointing right. Put your right wrist on the back of your left hand. Point the fingertips of your right hand downward.

113. marriage or marry
For the sign "________" the right hand clasps the left hand. What is the sign?

114. school
The sign for "__________" is made by clapping your hands. Repeat. The left hand is palm up and the right hand is palm down.  Most people keep the left hand stationary and only move the right hand. (Note: No need to make noise. They are Deaf.)

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