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The "Tell 'em" Curriculum:
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Feel free to use in your classroom with a reference to this website somewhere on the page.  If you adapt it, change a few words, or otherwise use it as a starting point, ethically you still need to at least include a note saying, "Adapted from" 


Tell 'em hello and your name.

Example: HI MY NAME ____________ (Hi my name is ___________.)

Example: HI I __________[spell your name]

Note: Now would be a good time to show your name sign if you have one.

Tell 'em it's nice to meet 'em.

Example: NICE MEET-YOU. (It is nice to meet you)

Tell 'em your identity

Example: I HEARING (I am a hearing person).

Example: I DEAF (I am a Deaf person).
Example: I HoH (I am hard of hearing).

Tell 'em briefly about any relationship ties you have to the Deaf Community. Tell them if any family members are deaf. A good friend is deaf. Or your job relates to the deaf. If you mention relationships with any Deaf people you need to indicate their names.

Example: MOTHER FATHER DEAF__________[names] (My mother and father are Deaf, their names are...)

Example: HAVE DEAF BROTHER__________ (I have a brother who is Deaf, his name is...)

Example: I WORK V-O-C R-E-H-A-B (I work for the state department of vocational rehabilitation)

Example: ME WORK DEAF-SCHOOL TEACHER ASSISTANT (I work at the school for the Deaf as a teacher's aid.)

Example: I WANT FUTURE-[double motion, emphasis] INTERPRET ME (Someday I want to be an interpreter.) [Note, emphasize the sign "FUTURE" to show humility and that you are aware that you feel you have a long way to go.]

Example: I TAKE-UP ASL CLASS IT COLLEGE _________[name of college] TEACHER NAME B-O-B S-M-I-T-H, DEAF (I'm taking an ASL class at the college from a Deaf teacher named Bob Smith).
Example: LEARN SIGN WHY? ENJOY. (I am learning sign language for personal enrichment).

Tell 'em which Deaf School you went to. If you are hearing or didn't go to a deaf school, skip to the next topic.

Tell 'em where you're from. Just the city, unless you are from out of state, or out of the country, then tell the state and/or country too. If you were "born and raised here" (the city where you are introducing yourself) then you can skip this one. If you are from a large city like Houston, New York, or Chicago, learn the name of your city and use it during introductions. If you are from a smaller city that has a name sign, spell the name of your city first, then show the city's name sign.

Example: I FROM _____ (I'm from _____ ).

Example: I BEFORE ADDRESS HOUSTON MOVE-(to here) 5-YEAR-AGO. (I used to live in Houston, then I moved here five years ago.)

Tell 'em where you grew up.


Example: I GROW-UP HERE (I grew up here.)

Example: I GROW-UP _____ [name of city and state] (I grew up in _____ )

Tell 'em where you live. Just the city. Unless you live in another state, then tell the state too.

Example: I LIVE _____ [name of city and state] (I live in _____ ).

Example: I LIVE HERE SINCE 3-YEAR. (I've lived here for three years).

Tell 'em your marital status:

EXAMPLE: I MARRY/SINGLE/SEPARATE/DIVORCE/WIDOW/WIDOWER [Choose one. You can spell widow or widower, or you could sign "HUSBAND + DEAD" to mean widow or you can sign "WIFE DEAD to mean widower]

I MARRY 12-YEAR HER NAME _____ (I've been married for 12 years to _____ )

Tell 'em your family status:

Example: HAVE FOUR CHILDREN (We have four children).

Example: NONE CHILDREN (We have no children).

Example: HAVE FIVE CHILDREN, TWO HER THREE MY (I have three children and two step children)

Example: HAVE THREE CHILDREN, (hold up left three hand and point at the index finger) M-A-R-Y, DEAF, OLD-7, DEAF-SCHOOL (use your right index finger to tap the left thumb and middle finger) HEARING, (tap the thumb) J-O-H-N OLD-9, (tap the middle finger) M-A-R-K OLD-3. (We have three children, the middle child, Mary, is Deaf, she is seven and she attends the school for the deaf. The oldest child is named John, he's nine, the youngest is Mark. He's three.)

Example: I LIVE HOME. MOM NAME W-I-L-M-A DAD F-R-E-D. HAVE FOUR CHILDREN. (Hold up left 4-reference hand. Tap index finger) BROTHER (sign BROTHER using the left 4-reference-hand as the base of the sign.) M-I-K-E. (Tap middle finger) SISTER KELLIE DEAF. (Tap ring finger) ME. (Tap pinkie) BROTHER B-E-N.

Tell 'em what you do:

Example: I STUDENT FULL TIME. MAIN DEAF EDUCATION. (I'm a full-time student majoring in Deaf Education.)

Example: I NOW-(slight double motion) RETIRE. (I'm currently retired).

Example: I FULL-TIME MOM. (I'm a full time mother.)

Example: I WORK _________[name of your company]. (I work at _______)

Tell 'em what you used to do:

I NEVER WORK I SINCE. (I have never had a job).

I BEFORE WORK SERVANT (I used to be a waiter/waitress).

I BEFORE WORK McDONALDS (I used to work at McDonalds).

Tell 'em what you want to do:

Example: FUTURE-[double arc movement] I WANT __________ (Someday I want to_____ ).

Example: I HOPE CAN DOCTOR FUTURE-[double arc movement]. (I hope to become a doctor someday.)

Example: I WANT ESTABLISH MYSELF BUSINESS PAINT HOUSE. (I want to set up my own house painting business).

Tell 'em what you like to do:

Example: I LIKE FISHING. (I like to fish)

Example: I ENJOY READ. (I enjoy reading).

Example: I HOBBY COLLECT STAMP (I collect stamps.)

Example: SUPPOSE FREE TIME ME WHAT-DO? I ESCAPE CAMP (If I have any free time I like to escape and go camping.)

Tell 'em you are done and wrap it up.

Example: I LECTURE FINISH. (In conclusion).

Example: MY STORY FINISH. (That's it about me).

Example: I ENJOY WITH YOU-ALL TODAY. (I enjoyed being here today).

Example: TRUE NICE MEET YOU. (It was nice to meet you).

Example: HOPE VISIT AGAIN FUTURE. (I hope to visit again someday).


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