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Teaching ASL:


Idea:  Ask for a challenger.

            The other day I had a few minutes left in class so I decided to challenge a student to a game of buzz.  (That is the one where you count back and forth and substitute B-U-Z-Z for all the 7's or multiples of 7.  I asked for a volunteer to take me on and offered 10 points extra credit to the student who could beat me.
It woke up the rest of the students as they watched the "challenger" strive to stay in the game.
The next time I do this game I will award the 10 points to the student for either "winning" or "reaching 30."  For more advanced classes you can make the goal higher (like reaching 50 or 100). 
Another variation would be to give them 5 points for trying or 10 points for winning.

If that student wins you could let that student become the new "champion" and defend their title once a day.  You could award a candy bar or something other than points so that the student doesn't earn their grade just by being the "buzz master."


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