Student Satisfaction Form (Anonymous: Do not write your name on this form)


Today's Date:______________________   Name of your instructor:_____________________________  
On each item below give your teacher 10 if the answer is yes, zero if the answer is no, or any number inbetween if the answer is variable.


_____  1.  PRUDENT: The teacher arrived early. (At least five minutes prior to class start time or before you got here?)


_____  2. PUNCTUALITY: The teacher arrived on time.


_____  3. INTEGRITY:  The teacher stayed the full time.


_____  4. ORGANIZATION:   The teacher had a prepared, rehearsed, lesson ready to go.


_____  5. PATIENCE:  The teacher seemed comfortable waiting for you finish your thought? He or she seemed happily willing to repeat himself/herself for you.


_____  6. TOLERANCE:  The teacher seemed willing to accept the idea that there is more than one "right" philosophy or one "right" way to sign something.  The teacher was accepting of communication styles other than his or her own. (But remember it is the teacher's job to provide corrective feedback if you are off track.)


_____  7. ENTHUSIASM: The teacher displayed enthusiasm for the learning process.  He/she smiled a lot.  He/she circulated amongst the students and initiated conversations with a variety of students during the class.


_____  8. CONSIDERATION (for your time): The teacher kept the breaks to 15 minutes or less.  (Did you?)


_____  9. RESPECT: Even though the teacher might not have supported or accepted your idea or comment, he/she still treated you with respect.


_____  10. FUN: Although plain old hard work is necessary, it was obvious that the instructor made the effort to make the class fun in some way.


_____  / 100  TOTAL SCORE

Your opinion is important. If you gave a score less than 100, please use the back of this form to indicate how your instructor could improve his/her performance.  Then return this form to the teacher's assistant. You are welcome to email me directly.