Speed Signing:
The other day I was in a playful mood interacting with my students and I signed something very quickly to a student and asked him to show me the sign.
He did and I complimented him heartily for catching the sign.
An amazing thing happened.  The whole class became a bit more alert.
So, I chose another vocabulary word and signed it very quickly to a different student.  She caught it.  The class became "hyper" alert as they suspected I would be continuing to sign very fast and call students to reproduce my movements.

So I went ahead and introduced about 7 new signs this way and then reviewed the signs by embedding them in vocabulary and asking questions with the signs. Then moving into my normal lesson.

But this is definitely something I'm going to use each semester.  Maybe 3 times per semester, to introduce up to 10 signs each time.

Ideas for application: 
1.  Have the students speed sign to eachother.
2.  Ask for volunteers to speed sign a sentence to see if the teacher can get it.

3.  Use teams...a student and a teacher vs a group of students.  A student is chosen as "the signer" and becomes the teacher's teammate. Then the signer signs as fast as he can a review sentence.  If the teacher gets it but noone else in class does, then the teacher and the signer get a point.  If other students get it and the teacher gets it...no point is awarded.  If a student gets it but the teacher doesn't then the student group gets TWO points.