Go Fish:

Materials:  Vocabulary Cards (slips of paper with specific vocabulary concepts)

Object of the Game: To collect sets of 4 of the same vocabulary card.

Set Up: Shuffle or mix up the cards. Deal out cards until all the players have five cards.

Place the rest of the cards facedown in a "go fish" pile. 

Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, each player asks any other player if they have a specific vocabulary card. The person doing the asking must have the card for which he or she is asking. 

For example, Bob has the vocabulary card "CANDY" in his hand and asks Cindy, "YOU HAVE CANDY?" If Cindy has any CANDY cards, she must give them (all of them) to Bob.

Bob can continue asking other players until someone doesn't have any of the asked-for cards -- that player then tells Bob to "Go Fish!"
Then Bob has to draw a card from the "go fish" pile and the turn moves to the next player.  (For this version of the game, if Bob draws the card he was asking for his turn is still over. If he draws the fourth card in a set he must lay the set down immediately.

When you get a set of 4 cards, you must "lay down" all four of those cards on the table. The game ends when any player empties his or her hand of all cards. The player with the most cards wins.

If there are no more cards left in the go fish pile, players continue to ask for cards until one player is out of cards. Each player now counts how many pairs of cards they matched. The player with the most pairs wins.