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Teaching ASL: "Classifier Charades"

Classifier Charades

I'll give you a word or phrase.  Your task is to communicate the concept by describing it, handling it, or becoming it (portraying it with your body).
When your team-mates think they know it, they can either write the concept on the board and/or spell it to you or to the teacher.

A few rules:
1. As the teacher, I get to make up or change rules any time I feel like.
2. NO mouthing
3. No pointing at the object if it is in the room.
4. No fingerspelling
5  No absent referents (= pointing at where it was)
6. No use of existing signs.
7. Must either describe it, handle it, or become it.

The goal here is to improve your ability to use "classifiers" to describe how things look and/or how things are used.


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