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Permission rules regarding use of ASL University and/or material:

Hello Everybody,

First of all I ask you to "not" request to use my materials for free so you can compete against me in the online ASL market or to make an app. 

If you want to build an app or build an online class -- either develop your own materials or offer me a sum of money commensurate with real life pricing for course and/or material development.

Teachers are welcome to teach their classes "in partnership" with this site. By that I mean, go ahead and refer your students to (ASL University) as the equivalent of a "textbook" for your course instead of requiring your students to purchase expensive books and materials.

I don't mind people making printed copies (on paper) of my materials and handing them out to their classes -- as long as my materials are not turned into a book and "sold" to the students.

Specifically forbidden:  Do NOT use my materials to create an app -- even if it is a free app.  Often people contact me asking to use my materials to create a "FREE" app that they plan on giving away and will "not" sell.  Don't be stupid.  Such people are usually planning to cram the app full of advertising and still make money off of my effort while making it harder for me to earn a living by building my own apps with my own materials. 

So, please don't use my materials in your online ASL class without specific permission.  If you are going to compete against me by using my materials then plan on making it a win / win for both of us by compensating me fairly.

Allow me to give an example.  An online school bought the rights to use my material in a walled online course (meaning students had to register and pay money to take it). They paid a decent sum for the rights to a snapshot of materials from Levels 1, 2, and 3 (videos, tests, graphics, witty commentary, etc.).  I was willing to agree due to the fact that they are only minimally competing with me since they are not posting the material to the public on the net for free.

Permission rules:

1. You may use the Lifeprint / ASL University curriculum to teach your own in-person classes. (That doesn't mean you can post my material online. It means you can tell your students to go visit the ASLU website.  You can print and use paper versions of the material but not turn it into a product nor sell it).

2. You may post links to any of the ASLU-related websites: https// (or any others).

3. You may download (copy and paste) the practice sheets and Powerpoint slides or other information directly related to teaching your in-person ASL classes. You may adjust the material to match your teaching style or lesson requirements, and make printouts for your in-person students or send the information to them in emails. You may NOT repost or upload ASLU information or curriculum to a publicly accessible network without specific permission. Instead just link to directly. If you need or would like access to a specific resource or would like something changed -- ASK.  We might be able to meet your needs.

4. You may NOT "re-sell" my material (material from this site) for a profit, but you MAY repackage the material in printed form for use with your own personal students, inform students where to find the original material, and charge students for normal and ordinary copying expenses.

5. If you are a journalist or researcher you may copy and paste ten or fewer signs in your news article or research paper without needing permission -- just include reasonable attribution and/or a link-back..

Here is the suggested phrase for linking back:

(For more American Sign Language (ASL) resources check out

Suppose you are making handouts (for in-person use) that utilize information from this website. You could put a 8-point or larger type-font notice at the bottom of the page stating: "Material courtesy of Dr. Bill Vicars and" or "Material this page modified from" or "For more ASL-related material, visit" (Use any of those statements or come up with a similar statement.)

Here are two very simple methods:

" Adapted by permission."

" Used by permission."

I think it is great if someone wants to use the material here to help facilitate the teaching of in-person

ASL classes. If you want to download and print out the lessons, lesson plans, and/or ASL-related graphics then copy them and sell the copies to your students for the same amount you paid--that's great!

If you want to sell the copies for more than the copying costs--that is not acceptable. Write your own book.

If you "did" write your own book, want to sell it for a profit, and want to use my graphics, you can use a few (up to 10) signs from this site (giving conspicuous credit) without asking further permission. If you want to use more than 10 signs well then you'd best plan on getting permission first and sharing some profit.

If you are a reporter or general writer and just need a few signs to spice up your article for publication, go ahead state something to the effect of "signs courtesy of Dr. Bill Vicars of" or similar..

Note: A very small amount of material at this site consists of excerpts from texts that I have reviewed and recommend to my students. Such excerpts may be copyrighted by others and such being the case you'd best contact the current copyright holders if you plan on using such material in a manner other than that which is protected by the "Fair Use Act."





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