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Lesson 01 Practice Quiz:

(Note: Check with your local instructor regarding any actual quizzes.)

1. American Sign Language is:
a. Universal. It is a common language of Deaf people all over the world.
b. An aural/oral language
c. Limited to just the United States and Canada
d. A visual/gestural language

2. Laurent Clerc and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet brought French signs to America
a. In the late 1700's
b. In the early 1800's
c. In the late 1800's
d. In the early 1900's

3. Members of the Deaf Community:
a. Consider themselves to be disabled.
b. Would rather be hearing.
c. View themselves as a cultural group
d. Subscribe to the "pathological model"

4. Laurent Clerc
a. Was Deaf
b. Was from America
c. Was Gallaudet's father
d. Learned sign language from Gallaudet

5. What is the name of the place where at one time almost everybody knew sign language?
a. Alta Vista
b. Martha's Vineyard
c. Eudora, Paris
d. Winder, MA

Score =
Correct answers:

Note: ASL is NOT limited to just the U.S. and Canada.  But it isn't a universal language either. There are many different signed languages throughout the world.

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